519 W Carroll St
Macomb, IL 61455
(309) 833-5537

For a full list of Culligan services and products, visit culligan.com.

Culligan of Macomb is “Better Water Pure and Simple.”

Contact us for:

  • Help with problem water. Get a free consultation.
  • Information about sales or rental of water softeners, filters & drinking water systems.
  • Service and repair to your water treatment equipment.
  • Regular deliveries of
    • bottled water to your home or office (dispensers are available).
    • salt to your water softener (one less thing to remember).
  • Information about refurbished units (as available).
  • Help with commercial or industrialapplications.

We access the full range of top-notch Culligan equipment to meet a wide variety of needs. Visit our “Products” link or Contact Us. All new Culligan equipment features “peace of mind” warranties backed up at the local level. Our technicians have the training and experience to diagnose issues and apply appropriate solutions for problems such as -

  • Spots on glassware or a build up of hard water scale on appliances.
  • Water that stains or smells
  • Bacterial issues.
  • Contaminant concerns in drinking water
Hint: When looking to buy, look for someone who rents as well as sells. That’s a guarantee that they are in business for the long haul and will be there when you need them for help.

Contact Us for straight talk from a water expert with years of local experience. Basic water testing, diagnosis and consultations are free. Some specialty tests have a fee.